Charter exclusive jets at the best rates. No contracts. One flight at a time.

Smarter way to charter.

Up until now access to charter private was limited to memberships, jet cards and fractional ownership programs, all of which require upfront money and long term contracts. Most are excellent companies and do provide modern fleets with perfect safety records.

Independent Jets capitalizes on the fact that, with so many fleets of private jets the need to supplement their business is a daily reality. Buying the time that these aircraft are in non-use by the owners, returning to base, flying empty or in a transient mode, provides unique opportunities for our clients. Now you can access these jets…One flight at a time.

Our unique method provides private jet charter at a fraction of the current rates. Independent Jets has direct access this fleet of quality aircraft during times of not in use by their fractional owners, Fortune 500 executives and jet card members. With over 30% of all private jets currently flying empty and hundreds more in transient status or awaiting the next charter, the math works to your advantage.

Independent Jets can offer your the opportunity to charter the best and safest private aircraft in the world, one flight at a time at unmatchable rates. Maximize your travel budget and get more flight time for the money.

Fast & Fair quotes.

Ready to reduce the cost of private charter? We are ready to provide you with the most competitive pricing in the industry. Many companies offer “Fixed” pricing, we offer “Flexible” pricing, which is thousand of dollars less per charter. Whether you are inquiring to receive quotes or simply wish to learn more, we look forward to speaking with you. Please contact us via email or for more detail call  877-501-JETS (5387)

We truly enjoy discussing private aviation! A brief conversation can put us on the fast track to providing you with the optimum aircraft and crew for your needs.

We buy jet time right.

If there is one way to save on private charter, this is it! Never considered to be inexpensive, private jet charter can now be obtained at greatly reduced rates. Reducing costly repositioning is just the start, we take it one step further by searching thought thousands of private aircraft located around the globe to find the perfect match.

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