Gulfstream G650

G650 Overview

Gulfstream G650

Gulfstream G650

The Gulfstream G650® ultra-large-cabin, ultra-high speed business jet is, quite simply, the gold standard in business aviation. The flagship of the Gulfstream fleet flies faster and farther than any traditional business aircraft and envelops its privileged passengers in a level of comfort far greater than any other aircraft in its class.

Introduced in 2008, the G650 will carry eight passengers and a crew of four on nonstop legs of 7,000 nautical miles (12,964 km). That means it will link Dubai with New York and London with Buenos Aires. With its powerful Rolls-Royce BR725 engines, the G650 will cover shorter distances at a speed of Mach 0.925. No traditional business jet will take you closer to the speed of sound.

Exceptional power and ultra-long legs aside, the G650 will be remarkably versatile. It will deliver excellent takeoff and landing performance with a balanced field length of just 6,000 feet (1,829 m).

The G650 is the most technologically advanced business aircraft in the sky. The G650 comes standard with many advanced safety features such asEnhanced Vision System (EVS) II™, the Head-Up Display (HUD) II and the Synthetic Vision-Primary Flight Display (SV-PFD). Its Planeview II™ cockpit comes equipped with a Triplex Flight Management System, Automatic Emergency Descent Mode, 3-D weather radar, Advanced Flight Controls – in short, a full array of sophisticated, next-generation technology to improve pilot situational awareness and enhance safety.

Gulfstream engineers paid particular attention to the cabin environment. In fact, they designed it from the inside out. Longer, wider and taller than any other cabin in its class, the G650 living environment provides comfortable accommodations for up to 18 people. Choose from 12 Select floor plans to configure the G650 to meet your specific mission requirements. The cabin can be configured with a four-place conference table with two additional seats across the aisle for meals or meetings for up to 6 people. Enjoy wider seats, more aisle room and a large stateroom option for resting up between world capitals.

If time is money, then the time saved jetting from continent to continent is money in the bank. Consider the value of the G650 not only in terms of time saved, but also in more tangible ways: In the excellent warranty Gulfstream offers on the primary aircraft and the secondary structure. In the worldwide product-support network that Gulfstream maintains on six continents. In the technological advancements that enable the flight crew to reach new levels of situational awareness and overall aircraft safety. And in the inherent value of the Gulfstream name itself.

G650 Performance

The Gulfstream G650® offers the fastest and longest range of any business jet available today. At a long-range cruise speed of Mach 0.85, it will carry eight passengers and a crew of four on nonstop legs of 7,000 nautical miles(12,964 km). That’s Dubai to New York, New York to Beijing or London to Buenos Aires with NBAA IFR fuel reserves. At high-speed cruise, Mach 0.90, it will transport your team from Los Angeles to London or Tokyo to Los Angeles in record setting time.

With a maximum operating cruise speed of Mach 0.925, the Gulfstream G650 will be the fastest civil aircraft. With a cruise altitude topping out at 51,000 feet (15,545 m), the Gulfstream G650 flies far above adverse weather and airline traffic. Think of it as having the sky all to yourself.

Flying farther and faster than any other business jet are significant benefits, yet the Gulfstream G650 still manages to provide best in class fuel efficiency at Mach 0.85 cruise speeds.

In addition to providing an ultra-large cabin with ultra-long range, the Gulfstream G650 also delivers excellent takeoff and landing performance with its 6,000 foot (1,829 m) balanced field length and 3,000 foot (914 m)landing distance, both at maximum weights.

Farther, faster, more fuel efficient and welcome at executive airports worldwide. The Gulfstream G650 will, quite simply, outperform any traditional business jet available today.

G650 Technology

The Gulfstream G650®, the new flagship, is the most technologically superior aircraft in business aviation today. The G650 comes standard with many safety features including the second-generation Enhanced Vision System (EVS) II™, the Head-Up Display (HUD) II and the GulfstreamSynthetic Vision – Primary Flight Display (SV-PFD), all fully integrated to provide vastly greater levels of safety and situational awareness than ever before.

The PlaneView II™ cockpit, with its Triplex Flight Management System (FMS), Automatic Emergency Descent Mode (AEDM), 3-D weather radar and a host of next-generation technological improvements, sets the industry standard in aviation technology. The G650′s Advanced Flight Control system encompasses the latest-generation fly-by-wire technology to improve ride comfort and handling qualities while reducing stress on the airframe.

New Rolls-Royce BR725 engines provide higher thrust, better fuel efficiency, quieter operation, fewer emissions and longer maintenance intervals than the previous generation of engines. A new fuselage configuration and bonded fuselage material combine to produce a sleek, aerodynamic profile that is wonderfully efficient and roomier than any other traditional ultra-long range business jet.

Gulfstream’s investment in technology for the G650 began long before the first computer drawings emerged. The company invested in a new Research and Development Center (RDC) that includes two office buildings with over 700 engineers plus a 80,000 sq. ft. (7,432 sq m) laboratory building dedicated to advanced research in areas such as acoustics, composites and cabin technologies. Gulfstream also has an active fly-by-wire and advanced cockpit program that consists of various laboratory and flight test aircraft. Finally Gulfstream has invested in a new large-scale manufacturing facility that relies on advanced manufacturing techniques to craft each G650 to the highest standards.

The result was well worth the effort: The G650 offers the longest range, the fastest speeds and the largest, most-comfortable cabin in its class. It is a study in superlatives.

G650 Specifications


Long Range Cruise Mach 0.85
Mmo Mach 0.925
Normal Cruise Mach 0.90
Range at LRC 7,000 nm / 12,964 km
Range at Normal Cruise 5,000 nm / 9,260 km
Takeoff Distance (MTOW, SL, ISA) 6,000 ft / 1,829 m


Basic Operating 54,000 lbs / 24,494 kg
Maximum Fuel 44,200 lbs / 20,049 kg
Maximum Landing 83,500 lbs / 37,876 kg
Maximum Payload 6,500 lbs / 2,948 kg
Maximum Payload/Full fuel 1,800 lbs / 816 kg
Maximum Ramp 100,000 lbs / 45,360 kg
Maximum Takeoff 99,600 lbs / 45,179 kg
Maximum Zero Fuel 60,500 lbs / 27,443 kg

Design Standards

Engine Type BR725A1-12
Thrust Rating 16,100 lbs / 71.61 kN (each)
Typical Passenger Payload 8 passengers


Total Interior Length 53 ft 7 in / 16.33 m
Cabin Length 46 ft 10 in / 14.27 m
Height 6 ft 5 in / 1.95 m
Width 8 ft 6 in / 2.59 m
Cabin Volume 2,138 cu ft / 60.51 cu m
Baggage Volume (Gross) 195 cu ft / 5.52 cu m


Height 25 ft, 8 in / 7.82 m
Length 99 ft, 9 in / 30.40 m
Overall Span 99 ft, 7 in / 30.35 m
Wingspan 93 ft, 8 in / 28.55 m