On-Demand Flights

...flexibility to go where and when you wish.

Independent Jets has taken On-Demand Jet Charter to a new level. This unique program covers every travel need with efficiency, flexibility and outstanding value.

Most companies have broadened their range of programs; Jet Cards, Memberships, Jet Shares, Fractional, Jet Clubs, Flex Programs…it never ends. They are desperate to entice you with multiple options and commit you to long term programs, even requiring large sums of money upfront.

Stay independent, exercise a better option and utilize On-Demand Jet Charter. Pay for one flight at a time while chartering the same exclusive top ranked jets for thousands less per flight.

With access to the entire fleet of private charter jets, we can eliminate expensive repositioning of aircraft to accommodate your departure location. Additionally, you gain the ability to access and benefit from empty legs, point to point, and one way charter opportunities.


With access to thousands of aircraft worldwide, Independent Jets, provides you with the flexibility to choose any type and model of aircraft for any flight. Independent Jets only selects top rated aircraft to fulfill your needs. Aircraft provided are FAA approved Part 135 licensed. To increase your peace of mind you may select ARUGS ratings, additional third party inspections and certification for both Pilots and Aircraft.


With our access to the hundreds of daily flights we can search for attractive Empty Legs, Point to Point and One Way Special pricing opportunities. On Demand Charter allows you to access quality aircraft near you, eliminating extensive repositioning for your departure. Aircraft located in your area allows you to charter at the best possible price. At Independent Jets our goal is to save you money on each flight, allowing you to fly more while staying in your budget. On your next flight let us show you the benefit of On Demand Charters.


With On Demand Charters you do not pay for flight hours that you may not use for months, incur monthly service charges or invest in a jet that you may rarely occupy. You utilize quality aircraft that is currently in position to accommodate your next flight. The flexibility of dealing on a one flight at a time basis allows you to receive the best price available. On Demand Private Jet Charter is a more reasonable way to travel without compromising luxury, safety or quality.

To discuss your Private Charter request please call 877-501-JETS (5387). We are available 24/7. If you wish to email a request please send to info@IndependentJets.com. One of our Charter Managers will respond to your request at once.