...the foundation of private jet charter

Private aviation traditionally has always been a safety culture. Every step in providing you with the ultimate private charter service is focused on safety. It is said that safety is the cornerstone of the aviation business and Independent Jets is proud to work with like minded companies.

The United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulates all aircraft which are provided by Independent Jets. All aircraft are in compliance with Regulation 135, establishing the uncompromising standards for the safety, maintenance, and operation standards for charter aircraft operators.

Additional third party organizations such as ARGUS, provide an elevated level of qualification and inspections. Analysis of both aircraft and pilots are ranked into “Gold”, “Gold Plus” and “Platinum” to provide an increase peace of mind for every flight.

Your pilots are key to the comfort and enjoyment of every flight. Get acquainted with your pilots prior to your flight and you will be assured by the depth of their background. During the flight, feel free to stay in communication with the pilots and ask any questions to add to a higher level of comfort to your flight.

FAR Part 135 regulates critical operational requirements including:

  • Aircraft maintenance standards
  • Crew Training and Experience
  • PIC & SIC hours in type
  • Record keeping
  • Crew duty limitations
  • Runway requirements
  • Aircraft avionics and safety equipment requirements
  • Emergency procedures and training
  • Schedules for routine inspections