Charter exclusive private jets at the best rates with no contracts, one flight at a time.

What We Do…

Independent Jets monitors the hundreds of certified private aircraft crossing the country at any given time. This constant movement creates the opportunity to buy private jet time at the right time for our clients.

Why it Matters…

Historically chartering private jets was dominated by fractional ownership and jet card memberships. Our program eliminates long term contracts, upfront payments and monthly management fees. Now enjoy the option of flying private one flight at a time and for substantially less per flight hour.

Where You Benefit…

Now enjoy the option of flying private one flight at a time and for substantially less per flight hour. Stay flexible and choose the make and model of aircraft to match your needs. Conserve your capital and fly in top safety rated executive-business aircraft, at Independent Jets, we buy jet time right!

Attention: If you are currently a Fractional owner, Jet Card member you can still off set you current rates with Independent Jets. Simply call for a quote and compare, the quality of aircraft and price from Independent Jets to your program. In most cases you will save thousands per hour, which will allow you to cost average your private jet charter budget.

Fast quotes

Are you ready? Whether you are inquiring to receive quotes for an upcoming private charter or simply wish to learn more, we look forward to speaking with you. Please contact us via email or for more detail call  877-501-JETS (5387)

We truly enjoy discussing private aviation! A brief conversation can put us on the fast track to providing you with the optimum aircraft for your needs at the most competitive rates available.

Search for Empty Legs

If there is one way to save on private charter, this is it! Never considered to be inexpensive, private jet charter can now be obtained at greatly reduced rates. Reducing costly repositioning is just the start, we take it one step further by searching thought thousands of private aircraft located around the globe to find the perfect match.


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Select Aircraft for Charter

Flexibility of aircraft available to charter is requirement for most clients. Never are two charter  request the same, from Light Jets to Heavy Jets, Independent Jets has the aircraft you need. Not only can you select the type of aircraft, you can set preferences for model year and charter only the newest jets in the private aviation independent fleet.

Aircraft provided to our clients are only from the top manufactures in the world.  The renown executive jet brands include Gulfstream, Challenger, Falcon, Hawker, Embraer, Learjet and Citation. With the complete range of jets for charter you can be confident that Independent Jets will assist you in selecting just the right private aircraft for the mission.

Our charter managers are professionals and are ready to discuss the aircraft options available for your next charter.

For shorter regional travel many of our clients prefer Learjets by Bombardier including the Learjet  35, Learjet 40 and Learjet 45. In the Hawker line of private jets the Hawker 400XP is also perfect for regional flights. Citation has a complete line of Light and Middle Size jets which are perfect for most domestic flights.

Frequent coast to coast business traveler the Citation X and the Learjet 60 is the executives choice as the flight times are the shortest and with no sacrifice in comfort. Hawker 800XP, Hawker 900XP and the Hawker 4000 are additional choices for travel form coast to coast.

The long distance brands of choice are  Gulfstream, Challenger, Embraer Legacy and Falcons. The long range executive aircraft which these companies produce are the pinnacle of jet aviation.

Please contact us via email or for more detail call  877-501-JETS (5387)