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Heavy Jets

The ideal private jet for international or long-rage travel, the heavy jet is capable of long range flights of up to 7,000 miles or 8 hours of non-stop flight time.  These aircraft offer ample room for 10-16 passengers, extra luggage space, a variety of cabin configurations and luxurious interiors.

Having the latest in audio visual systems and WiFi on board enhances the experience and lets business executives be connected to the office. Heavy Jet cabin amenities include WiFi Internet, private lavatory, PlayStation video games, satellite phone, cabin attendant and a full galley.

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Below are just a few of the Heavy Jets available!  

Challenger 850

challenger 1.jpg

Manufacturer Bombardier

  • Crew: 3

  • Passengers: 14

  • Cabin Height: 6 ft 1 In

  • Cabin Width: 8 ft 2 In

  • Cabin Length: 48 ft 5 In

  • Cabin Volume: 1,990 cu ft

  • Door Height: 5 ft 8 In

  • Door Width: 3 ft 1 In

  • Cabin features: Forward and aft lavs, a large forward galley, a pass-through to the baggage compartment from the aft lav, and room to create a spacious center lounge/entertainment center or an aft stateroom.


  • Bombardier Challenger 850CS. T

  • Bombardier Challenger 850 ELR. 

  • Bombardier Challenger 870 CS. 

  • Bombardier Challenger 890 CS. 


G550 1.jpg

Manufacturer Gulfstream

  • Crew: 2

  • Passengers: 19

  • Cabin Height: 6 ft 2 In

  • Cabin Width: 7 ft 4 In

  • Cabin Length: 43 ft 11 In

  • Cabin Volume: 1669 cu ft

  • Internal Baggage: 170 cu ft

  • Cabin Features: Each Gulfstream G550 has a large kitchen where attendants can prepare food and beverages. In addition, each of these airplanes is equipped with two lavatories. Modern conveniences also include coffeemakers, microwave ovens and Wi-Fi to use smartphones or computers.


  • G650ER

  • G650

  • G600

  • G500

  • G280

Falcon 2000LXS

falcon 2000LXS.jpg

Manufacturer Dassault

  • Seating: 12-13

  • Cabin Size (ft) 6.2H

  • 7.7W

  • 39.1L

  • Baggage: (cubic ft) 127

  • Lavatory: Full

  • Galley: Full


  • Falcon 6X

  • Falcon 7X

  • Falcon 8X

  • Falcon 900 LX

  • Falcon 2000

Legacy 600
legacy 600.jpg

Manufacturer Embraer

  • Seating: 13

  • Cabin Size (ft)

  • 6H

  • 6.9W

  • 43L

  • Baggage: (cubic ft) 240

  • Lavatory: Full

  • Galley: Full

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